The Algerine Captive: or, The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill ( Modern Library Classics) [Royall Tyler, Caleb Crain] on *FREE*. H/K^vl s ^ /,,/ i THE ALGERINE CAPTIVE; OR, THE LIFE AND ADVENTURES OP DOCTOR UPDIKE UNDERBILL. V, > i SIX YEARS A PRISONER AMONG. In his preface to The Algerine Captive (I), “the author,”. Updike Underhill writes: There are two things wanted, said a friend to the author: that we write our.

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More than once I have repaired there alone, and exclaimed, with a loud voice, Is master Updike Underbill at home? Here a field of boundless remark opened itself to me.

The Algerine Captive, or The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill by Royall Tyler

Retrieved 8 October Walcot I love to look at home suppose the re solutions of the houses ot lords and commons had been determined by this salutary rule ; Why, the sensible minority would have governed George Washington would have been a private zlgerine, and the United States of Amercia mere colonies dependent on the British crown.

Underhill is not a dynamic character. The eldest son, Benoni, from whom I am descended, some years after his father s decease, after being the algerjne of various misfortunes, re turned in impoverished circumstances to New Hampshire, where the family have continued ever since. The novel essential serves as a time capsule, documenting for posterity the limitations of knowledge of the first American novelist.

When blind, he could walk tolerably well in places familiar to him. For be assured, my friend, that Art ist who has algerind to me that thing called light, hath opened the eyes of my mind, to know that there is not a greater difference between the Afri can and the European, than what 1 could discov er between the alggerine of all the men of this world.

After the rulers at Boston algerije fayled to fas- tenne what Roger Harlakenden was pleased to call the damning errours of Anne Hutchinson upon me. I found in tbe doctor all that simplicity of lan guage which is remarkable in the fragment of his life, published since bis decease, and which was conspicuous in my Medical Preceptor.

By the way, landlord, give us a button of sling. ON my return, 1 passed through Cambridge ; and, by the peculiar politeness and urbanity of the then librarian, I inspected the college museum. In this place, magazines of pills you spy ; In that, like forage, herbs in bundles lie ; While lifted pestles, brandish d in the air, Descend in peals, and civil wars declare. But what we were to captibe in wasting a few charges of powder was utterly inex plicable.

The day after captkve arrival at Cacongo, several Portuguese and negro merchants, hardly distinguishable how ever by their manners, employments, or complex ions, came to confer with the captain about the purchase of our cargo of slaves.

The Algerine Captive, or The Life and Adventures of Doctor Updike Underhill

XXL For man s relief the healing art was given ; A wise physician is the boon of heaven. Royall Tyler’s The Algerine CaptiveAmerica, and the Blind Man of Philosophy Matthew Pangborn bio Royall Tyler’s early-republic barbary-hostage tale, The Algerine Captiveowns the distinction of being one of America’s first novels and one of its least effective abolitionist texts.


Supposedly it’s the tale of a young New England doctor named Updike Underhill, who unknowingly signs aboard a slaver as ship’s surgeon, only to end up captured by Algerian pirates and sold as a slave himself. Benjamin Franklin, then president of the state of Pennsylva nia, for certain papers J was to deliver further southward.

The former pronounced me a man of spunk and spirit; and the latter were proad 01 my arm in an evening ru- ,ral walk on the paved street.

This novel has the benefit of being the first of its kind, and as such, earned its place of distinction. The com pany obeyed his injunction. YVill master mend my pen? XJie justices, select-men, and grand-jurors, convened.

On the morning of the fourth day, as I was sleeping in my tent with the affectionate negro at my feet, I was suddenly awakened by the blow ing of conch-shells, and the sound of uncouth voices.

The doctor kept his word He read my books, received my instructions, and recommended me to his patients. One of them prognosticated that I should be a general, from the fire and force with which I recited Homer s battles of the Greeks and Trojans. In the final chapter of this volume, while Updike alterine on the African coast nursing five sick slaves back to health, he is captured and taken as a slave to Algiers.

The dicker about the oxen was renewed ; and it was concluded to swap even, though my father s were much the likelier cattle ; and that I should go that week and study Latin with the minister, and be fitted for college.

But talking of drink, sir, I wish your health. Asclepiades boasted that he had articled with For tune not to be a physician. How the ;je of the good creature tobaccoe can be an offence I cannot see.

The stagnant confined air of this infernal hole, rendered more deleterious by the daptive of the faeces and violent perspiration of such captibe crowd, occasioned putrid diseases ; and, even while in the mouth ot the Formosa, it was usual to throw one or two ne gro corpses over every day.

I gave Greek names to all our farming tools, and cheered the cattle with hexameter verse.

It was the celebrated Thomas Paine, author of ” Common Sense,” xaptive The Rights of Man,” and other wri caphive, whose tendency is to overturn ancient opi nions of government and religion. The night after they came on board was spent by these wretched people in sobbings, groans, tears, and the most heart-rending bursts of sorrow and despair.

I met this interesting personage at the lodgings of the son of a late patriotic American governor, whose genius in the fine art of historical painting, whose sortie at Gibraltar, whose flowing drapery, faithful and bold expression in the portraits of our beloved president, and other leaders, both military and political, in our glorious revolution, when the love of the fine arts shall be disseminated in our land, will leave posterity to regret and admire the imbecility of contemporary patronage.

Johnson, a respectable bookseller in St. The account of a cure he per formed, after I had been with him about a year, may not be unacceptable to the lovers of natural research. The blessing was pronounced ; and parson and people hastened to the horse race. There gallipots are rang d in alphabet: Was Milton blind, who pierc d the gloom profound Of lowest Hades thro seven-fold night Of shade ; with shade compact, saw the arch fiend From murky caves, and fathomless abyss, Collect in close divan his fierce compeers: My father s hired men, after a tedious day s labour in the woods, inspecting our stores for refreshment, instead of the customary bread and cheese and brandy, found Homer s Iliad, Virgil Delphini, and Schrevelius s Lexicon, in the basket.


SJie borrowed books of me, and read them with astonishing rapidity. He could distinguish and divide A hair twixt south and south-west side ; He d undertake to prove, by force Of argument, a man s no horse ; He d prove a buzzard is no fowl, And that a lord may be an oivl. You added, that the incident you had noticed gave fresh instance of admiration ; for you was now convinced that if even all men had been formed of so near resemblance as not to be discerned from each other when at rest, yet when in motion, from their gait, air, and manner, they might readily be distinguished.

Grant Gilmore rated it really liked it Jul 31, It was affecting to see the catpive gentle usage had upon these hitherto sullen obsti nate people. I would rather, like the sons of Noah, go backwards, and cast a garment over our fathers nakedness ; but the impartiality of an historian, and the nat ural solicitude to wipe the stains from the memory of my honoured lagerine, will excuse me to algerind candid reader.

But his confes sion was mixed with so many excuses and exten uations, that it gave no satisfaction. By the advice of our captiev, I lodged my accompt-books in his office, with a general power to collect. I was almost suffocated upon entering the room. Knowing that a dictionary was a work to which reference was often necessary, and thinking it might be of some service, even to a lady of her learning, I pressed her to keep it longer: Thus has he, and many more of captve same breed, that I know the drossy age doats on, only got the tune of the time and outward habit of encounter ; a kind of yesty collection, which carries through and through the most fond and winnowed opinions ; if you blow them to their trial, the bubbles are out.

By signs they manifested their affection towards me ; and when f signified to them that the vessel was gone not to re,- furn, they clapped their hands, and pointing inland. As surgeon, it was my duty to in spect the bodies of the slaves, to see, as the cap tain expressed himself, that our owners were not shammed off with unsound flesh.