Al hisnul hasin-a comprehensive collection of masnoon duas by allamah muhammad al-jazri. Upcoming. Hisnul Haseen is a comprehensive collection of authentic prayers and ahadith related to zikr and dua. It was written around Hijri at a time when Damascus. Al-hisnul Hasin – a Comprehensive Collection of Masnoon Duas By Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-jazri [Shaykh Allama Muhammad Al-Jazri] on Amazon. com.

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It is mentioned in the Hadeeth that Bismiiiah serves as a veil so that the Jinn Shayateen are unable to see the naked body of a person when he undresses.

Al-Hisnul Hasin by Muhammad al-Jazri

According to the Hadeeth whoever recites the last two verses of Suratul-Baqarah in the night Allah will protect him against all calamities, 2 Also recite Suratul-Ikhlaas: Duas to be Recited in Sajdah The Excellence of Suratul Ikhlaas When Rain Begins to Fall All praises are due to Allah who has granted us this day and forgave our sins and did not punish us through The Fire.

This should be done while still in the Qaa’idah posture and before even speaking to anyone.


Allah Ta’ala will grant security to the person who recites the above Dua thrice Ln the morning and evening. The plan and scheme will soon become clear to him either in the dream or by way of inspiration. When Afflicted by Nazr After completing the Sunnah say: If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Anyone who is helpless and unable to take revenge against his enemy should hixnul this Beau- tiful Name of Allah for 3 consecutive Fridays.

Al Hisnul Haseen – IslamQA

I seek the protection of Your pleasure from Ql dis- pleasure and in Your forgiveness from Your retribution and I seek protection in You from You. This should only be done if circumstances warrant it. O Allahl J seek Your protection from inequity and from being subjected to penalties.

Thus, Hissnul dona Yahya Alayhis-Salaam said to his people: All praises are due to Allah who returned to me my nafs and did not cause it my nafs to die in its sleep. I beg Your pardon.

And whoso recites it in the evening will remain protected till the morning. When in Fear of The Shaytaan, Jinn etc. Replying to the Person who had Sneezed The stars have disappeared and the eyes of people have sunken into deep slumberbut You are the Everlasting and the Self-Subsisting Eternal. hsain

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According to the Hadeeth whenever Rasoolullah Hasn alayhi-wasallam used to complete the Salaah, he used to pass his right hand on his head and recite the above Dua. The Sunnah of Hsain 86 When the Muslim Troops Approach their Town When Losing a Child Peace be upon us and all the righteous servants of Allah. None is worthy of worship besides You. Allah wills you never get it back Thereafter, the person should be made to understand that the Masjid is not meant for worldly purposes but for purposes of worshipping Allah.

When Entering the Ka’bah The Creator of the heavens and earth! You have created me and You will also cause me to die. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

The Excellence of Surah An’aam He has power over all things.