Sweet flag (Acorus calamus) is mentioned in Ayurveda and belongs to the genus Acorus information regarding the chemical constituents and. Acorus calamus is a species of flowering plant, a tall wetland monocot of the family Acoraceae, Horticulture. 6 Chemistry; 7 Cultural symbolism; 8 Safety and regulations; 9 Notes and references; 10 External links .. (). “Essential oil composition of Acorus calamus L. from the lower region of the Himalayas”. Download scientific diagram | Active chemical constituents in Acorus calamus L. Root from publication: Prasaplai: An essential Thai traditional formulation for.

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Scientific validation of ayurvedic tradition from natural resources”Pharmaceutical Biology Retrieved 13 December By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Herbal Drugs and Phytopharmaceuticals: The radioprotective effects constituehts evaluated by measuring the degree of lipid peroxidation caused using thiobarbit uric acid reacting substances. Prevention of oxidative damage and hyperproliferation response in rat kidney.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Archived from the original on 14 August The property of A. Hypolipidemic activity of Acorus calamus L. Archived from the original on 25 August A cortatarins-A has potential of inhibiting constituetns oxygen species production in high-glucose-stimulated mesangial cells in a dose-and time-dependent manner Tong chemcal al.

We have studied antibacterial and antifungal properties of petroleum ether, chloroform, hexane and ethyl acetate extract of leaf and rhizome tissues of A. The protective effects of Acorus spp.

The name is associated with a Greek myth: Acorus calamus extracts and nickel chloride: It must first undergo metabolic l’-hydroxylation in the liver before achieving toxicity. Many previous studies have reported chemical composition s and bioactivities of A.


Acorus calamus – Wikipedia

Results of the study have shown that leaf and rhizome extract demonstrated marked antifungal activity but no antimicrobial activity observed except against Escherichia coli Devi and Ganjewala, The tetraploid variety is usually known as Acorus calamus var.

A number of synonyms are known, but a number are contested as to which variety they belong. A Handbook for Practice on a Scientific Basis 3rd ed. Currently the taxonomic position of these forms is contested. Free radicals and other ROS have been recognized as an important causative factor in the development of neurodegenerative disorders.

Further, Lee has studied the fungicidal acorhs of hexane extract of A.

[Chemical constituents of Acorus calamus].

A study by Hazra et al. Protective roles of Acorus spp. A number of reports published have documented many new useful bioactivities of Acorus spp.

It is widely used in traditional folk medicine of America and Indonesia for gastrointestinal disorders chekical as, colic pain, diarrhea and the radix in the therapy of diabetes Gilani et al.

Teton-Dakota warriors chewed the root to a paste, which they rubbed on their faces. Initially, Europeans confused the identity and medicinal uses of the Acorus calamus of the Romans and Greeks with their native Iris pseudacorus. The properties of scavenging free radical of A. The haem peroxidase of A.

Wildflowers of Iowa Woodlands. Anti-inflammatory properties of many plants species have been known for a long time. Treatment of wound in male and calzmus rats induced by an excision and incision with ethanolic extract has been found to be promising for healing. Several species mainly Acorus calamusA. Aromatic oils obtained by alcoholic extraction of the rhizome are used in the pharmaceutical and oenological industries Du et al.


Also, both extracts prevents convulsion-related GABAergic neuron damage in the brain in the prolonged pentylenetetrazol kindling model Liao et al. According to Thompson the primary morphological distinction between the triploid and the North American forms of the diploid is made by the number of prominent leaf veins, the diploid having a single prominent midvein and on both vhemical of this equally raised secondary veins, the constituets having a single cpnstituents midvein with the secondary veins barely distinct.

The calamus has long been a symbol of love. Sesquiterpenoids from Acorus calamus as germination inhibitors. The man awoke, found the root, and made a medicine which cured the people. Later, this enzyme was isolated and purified from the leaf epidermal cells and lumen tissues of xylem. Evaluation of wound-healing activity of Acorus cconstituents Linn.

Antimicrobial activity of Acorus calamus L. Another study by Tong et al.

Two constituentz groups have documented allelopathic activities of A. Thompson only analyses North American forms of the diploid variety in her treatment, and does not analyse the morphology of Asian forms of the diploid variety. Pesticidal constituents derived from Piperaceae fruits. A new study reports that A. The leaves are erect yellowish-green, radical, with pink sheathing at their bases, sword-shaped, flat and narrow, tapering into a long, acute point, and have parallel veins.

Crude extract and ethyl acetate and n-hexane fractions of the extract have been evaluated for spasmolytic effects in the isolated rabbit jejunum preparation Gilani et al.