Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO series All-purpose medium pressure pump; Size 18 ; Nominal pressure bar; Maximum pressure bar. Axial Piston Variable Pump. A10VSO. Data sheet. Series Sizes 18 to Nominal pressure bar. Maximum pressure bar. Open circuit. Features. Sizes 18 to ▷ Nominal pressure bar. ▷ Maximum pressure bar. ▷ Open circuit. Axial piston variable pump. A10VSO Series RE

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The cut off compensator is a spool that sees pump outlet pressure and works against a spring to directly control the servo piston to de-stroke the pump to hold BAR. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. So, in order maintain the pressure drop, the pump will increase or decrease the flow rate. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. The spool modulates to maintain the flow at a required level, say 65 lpm.

HPost Why have a pressure cut off compensator on the pump and a relief valve on the press as well then? Please find attached images of the pump and also the schematic of the hydraulic circuit. The initial setting of this pilot relief thus determines the power limit and the setting of the proportional relief sets the normal cut-off pressure.

A10V(S)O variable piston pump – Rexroth

It’s a power limiting control with proportional adjustment of the maximum pressure as per my earlier post. The proportional pressure relief valve Item 2 opens at the set pressure. Call Send a quick message.

We also have in our range various valves for hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation uses. It’s an elegant solution, it works and the pump name plate is correct. Pressure is a direct result of resistance to flow, so the control of pressure and flow is similar, not the pumo, just similar.


A10vsk proportional relief valve cannot control the pressure drop across the orifice as you say. We also have in stock seamless tubes to DINC as well as brass, copper and stainless steel grades ofand L.

Posting Guidelines Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. But, in this circuit, how is flow being dynamically reduced with the rise is pressure so as to achieve power control.

Variable Displacement Pump A10VSO / A10VO – Makhoz Corporation, Navi Mumbai | ID:

That pump controller would be perfect for this application and it has one spool less. In this case it is a hydraulic press, accurate control of speed and position is not so important, the important thing is to control is pressure.

The pressure relief valve designed on the pump a10fso decrease piston is it not a representation of a power control? When you change the setting, do not you have a always the same fast speed with no load and a different pressure increase speed?

The proportional relief valve is controlling the pump cut-off pressure so whether that determines the press speed pkmp not depends upon the characteristics of the load. Hydraulic variable pumps in axial piston swashplate design for hydrostatic drives in an open circuit.

Of course the orifice is there to limit the flow as Jacc rightly says. Those may be the damping orifices just to the left of the left-hand compensator but the resolution of the diagram isn’t really good enough to say.


Bosch Rexroth Axial Piston Variable Pumps Type A10VSO series 31

I am sorry to hear that you have been in hospital, I hope you are better now. It’s a load sensing pump and it senses the pressure difference across the, what looks to be, the 6.

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Upmp Variable displacement pump power control The pump part number and controller matches what is shown on the drawing. On mobile machines with LS system the pressure out to cylinder from aa10vso certain directional control valve is sometimes limited to a lower setting on some Caterpillar machines also maybe? A10VSO Variable displacement pump power control It’s a load sensing pump and it senses the pressure difference across the, what looks to be, the 6.

Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. When opening, the flow across the orifice increases, the pressure drop goes up, a10vwo LS compensator responds to the difference. Jacc’s got it pjmp about right. Piston Pumps in Navi Mumbai. Why is there an LS-spool to start with, why not just a pressure compensator spool? The cookie lasts for 30 days. Agreed, the pump supplier’s description refers to a pressure and flow controlled pump but the flow control has to be achieved by means of an external throttle valve not part of the pump control which would be a standard arrangement for a load sensing pump.