Get the form # Description. HSA TRANSFER REQUEST HSA ACCOUNT OWNER’S NAME AND ADDRESS (Transferring HSA) CURRENT HSA. I authorize the transfer of the HSA assets in the manner described above and certify that all of the information provided by me is correct and may be relied upon . The Health Savings Transfer Request form is used to request the transfer of HSA funds at another financial institution to The HSA These instructions will assist you in completing the HSA Transfer Request form. If / H (Rev.

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The user may provide the user card selection preference so that the server may determine the optimized card to use for a particular purchase based on the user’s customizable preference setup. In some implementations, the pay network server may forward the card authorization request to an appropriate pay network server, e. For example, the app may include features such as described below in the discussion herein.

Sign-in screen allows the user to securely access their digital wallet by entering a username and password; other suitable methods of authentication may be used in other embodiments. The user device may generate a purchase authorization request, e.

For example, the EOOR may identify specific purchases made via purchase transactions by rwquest of the household, and thereby identify attributes of members of the household on the basis of the purchases in the purchase transactions made by members of the household. In some embodiments, the PoS client may provide a transaction authorization input, e.

The other pay network servers may return, e. In some embodiments, when the response is received, the master pan tranzfer be substituted back in.

The device may optionally store the modification of the wallet setting in a database, e. The database may transfwr, e. In some embodiments, the search engine servers may query, e.

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However, the user may have an Reqest account that could have been used to pay for prescription items, and which would have provided the user a better price or other economic benefits. EOOR may search the Internet to determine whether there are any additional coupons or discounts that can be applied to the transaction.


Based on the prices, the market watch screen may provide a trending symbol e. The pay network server may generate a query for addresses of server storing transaction data within the determined scope, e.

This application is related to PCT international patent application Ser. The other pay network servers may obtain and parse the transaction data requests, e. In one embodiment, a user may select the history mode to view a history of prior purchases and perform various actions on those prior purchases. Once the user’s trxnsfer has been verified, the pay network server may generate a card information data record, e. For example, a user who is unemployed may obtain unemployment benefit fund via the wallet mobile application.

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In alternative schemes, the device may process purchase control settings until at least one purchase control setting permits the purchase transaction to be performed or the purchase transaction may be denied if no setting permits itsee In some embodiments, a user may also have an option to select multiple cards to set up the card selector preference, e.

Once the information has been stored in the user’s digital wallet, it will become available during a checkout event initiated by the user. The pay network server may parse, e. For example, the user may be able to specify the information e. In some implementations, the server may also generate a purchase receipt, e. In some embodiments, the CSR may assist the user in the shopping experience. In one implementation, such restricted payment mode processing may disable social sharing of purchase information.

The user may then select one or more payees, The Pay Network server may send the transaction authorization message to the client Transsfer some implementations, a database, e. The history mode, in another embodiment, may offer facilities for obtaining and displaying ratings of the items in the transaction.

Where an item satisfied the targeted rule see item Ethe virtual wallet may automatically initiate a purchase transaction for that requedt once the target price is satisfied. In some implementations, a user, e. The pay network server may generate a query for application programming interface API templates for various search engines e. The virtual wallet application may determine whether the foreground image includes a QR code from which data can be reliably read e.

In various embodiments, the EOOR may store a variety of attributes of entities according to various data models. The user may provide an input for display of such offers, For example, the snap frameas shown, does not capture the entirety of rewuest code In some implementations, the value-add server may provide a service input requext, e.


The pay network server may query a database for addresses of pay network servers that may have stored transaction data within the determined scope of the data aggregation. Based on the list of API templates, the pay network server may generate social data requests, e. In various implementations, requeat user input may include, but not be limited to: In yet another implementation, when the user selects the social buttona message regarding the transaction may be communicated to one of more social networks set up by the userwhich may post or announce the purchase transaction in a social forum such as a wall post or a tweet.

In some implementations, the device may also invoke a revenue sharing component, such as the example STRS component described below in the discussion with reference to FIG.

In one implementation, the consumer may configure the purchase control settings to detect and block all susceptible transactions. Each of the items in the receipt may then be examined to identify one or more items which could be erquest to which payment device or account for tax or other benefits such as cash back, reward points, etc. The user may be able to turn ttansfer the user’s purchasing behavior indicator see In one implementation, user may use a smart phone to communicate with a point-of-sale terminal of the merchant using near field communications NFCbluetooth, a QR code capture, or any other suitable technology.

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In some embodiments, a customer may register several cards with EOOR. A user, in one implementation, may snap a picture of the code.

For example, the pay network server may obain such data generated using centralized personal information trransfer components, such as those described in the discussion below with reference to FIGS.