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IDC’s annual IT Professional Education Industry Market Report recently released official data showed the number one for five consecutive years before the Beida Jade Bird Group once again by 38.6{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9} market share tops the sales of as much as 1.77 billion yuan. This phenomenon raises Beida Jade Bird IT Training Patterns of great concern. This concern includes not only the IT industry, including some of the public.

Cause for concern is the training and employment during the two sessions once again become the focus of the representative members, and Beida Jade Bird in seven years, the cultivation of 31.2 million people a job, these jobs are mostly people who can not find work; high school, 45{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9} secondary education, college and university education accounted for 55{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9}. Therefore, exploration of IT vocational education model will help to promote social employment.nt.

Report that 2007 is the professional IT training market is more rational and mature one year after the market’s survival of the fittest. Beida Jade Bird to further consolidate its market leadership position, revealing the strong get stronger the effect. According to the report, ranking second in the NIIT, only 6.88{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9} market share; while ranking third Xinhua Computer Only 4.15{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9} market share is far behind the Beida. What kind of mode decision Beida Jade Bird’s success? IT training model should be taken to sustainable development? To promote employment?

Positioning alignment, design courses according to demand

Current computer courses to upgrade education, chronic disease is not synchronized with the development of IT technology, materials updated slowly. Beida Jade Bird timely aware of the defect, the establishment of a panel, the United States, India and more than 150 experts from R & D team composed of course, on thousands of IT enterprises in the deep Research , The curriculum once every eighteen months to upgrade. CEO

Beida Yang Ming that the upgrading of the computer industry too fast, in the traditional computer science education, there are many theoretical foundation and application courses are hands-on courses can not keep up the pace of development of information industry, Student After work they can not get started immediately, often go through training, and Blue Bird in the design of courses, leaving only a core part of the basic theory, while the heavy head on the latest application operation. Basically, every group of students learned not to repeat, is the latest, fastest to adapt to the market.

Out to students to make more competitive, Bluebird measures far more than these, Yang Ming talk about these very familiar: eight industry-wide practice of real projects, case studies from the financial, Telecommunications And transport eight popular industry participants during the training will receive a wealth of practical experience, get rid of “empty talk” of the puzzle, advance into the working state; professional quality training throughout the entire process, focusing on training students to strengthen the viability and essential workplace ethics . Achieved triple Network Recommend students for employment, the headquarters, regional and central personnel recommended jointly established Service Network, with more than 3,000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad signed talent Cooperation Agreement to provide adequate job security.

In Beida, only 30{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9} of the students are learning computer science, more students a layman, “we have done is to bring industry participants outside the industry, pure computer science but not many Many students also come from nothing to the liberal arts and computer professional. “Beida Jade Bird brand director Wu Zhen said. It is understood that some students had just arrived when the Beida Jade Bird, with the first open Host Or the first open Monitor Do not know, but they then can become a good programmer.

Region is the King or Happy Valley enclosure?

Training industry is big or strong first do first have had a different opinion, Beida Jade Bird pioneers in people chose to join the debate in the form of chain and quickly spread throughout the country. This model to some extent the choice of the Beida success it is today.

With the rising brand awareness and training established by the number of branches increase the enrollment capacity of Bluebird growing, market share further, resulting in steadily increasing revenue. Revenue growth in recent years remained at 40{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9}. As of the end of 2007, Beida Jade Bird Total 227 training centers, including Direct Center 5, joining center 172.

By Beida Jade Bird Franchise The business model for the alliance partner to provide advanced business Management Method, continuous, stable, high-quality professional services, support and training to advanced standards, scientific and systematic system of vocational education programs for the IT support, a nationwide training system built Beida.

To join other industry chain phenomenon is very common, but the first time the franchise Bluebird introduced into the education sector for the first time, people first challenge is how you ensure that each campus have the same good quality Bluebird? “Exactly the same management standards and the teaching process to ensure our quality.” Yang Ming said. This is an innovation in the industry, the first step of the Bluebird has stood the test of the market.

Joined Beida has very strict requirements, not have enough money you can join the. Beida Jade Bird APTECH all those who wish to join, must have some “harsh” conditions. Financial strength, the minimum capital investment of not less than 1.5 million yuan, franchisee invested in the project, the proportion of own funds of not less than 51{fc9777fa554cefba41fcf62ed63ee449ec9939ca2839f8dff4a363da5969f6e9}. Management capacity, the center opened early 3 months, the headquarters will be professionals in various departments resident start, important work is to implement Recruitment , Training, completion of internship and probation, Beida Jade Bird set up a qualified team of employees authorized training center, then they have started a new center to normal operations Investment People. In the communication, Beida Jade Bird headquarters and the links between the centers is highly intensive. Headquarters for the support of each center to develop a successful upgrade program, and requested feedback data center to the headquarters every week and circumstances of the accuracy and objectivity.

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