Accounting and Finance Jobs in Chicago Provide Rewarding Opportunities

When it comes to accounting and finance jobs Chicago, candidates benefit from using a recruiting service specializing in these fields. Applicants generally need a minimum of an associates degree to work as an accounting assistant, technician, or in payroll. A bachelor’s degree is required to be hired for professional jobs in finance, to become an accountant, and to be certified for various positions.

Accounting: One of the Best Jobs

U.S. News & World Report includes the occupation of accountant in their list of best jobs. There is a strong demand for qualified men and women, but finding the best opportunities means using certain helpful strategies. Signing up with a recruiting firm such as Accounting Career Consultants is an example, as is networking through online sources and in person. Even when someone has a satisfying position, continuing to network and scout out new possibilities is advantageous for career advancement.

A Range of Opportunities

A broad range of positions are available for individuals with degrees in accounting and finance, especially if they have several years of work experience. Companies seek seasoned professionals for jobs that include auditors and personal financial advisers. Budget, financial, risk, and management analysts crunch data of various types to provide guidance for their employees and clients. Some corporations use recruiting firms to help them find top executives, as they have very high expectations for men and women they hire for these positions.

Work Environments

The work environments are broad for qualified candidates as well. Some employees choose to work in banking and others for accounting firms. Some workers may eventually become the manager of a corporate branch specializing in completing tax forms for individuals and organizations. Accountants and finance professionals are sometimes employed by large law firms, credit card companies, and insurance corporations.

Average Salaries

Even the positions at the lower end of the pay scale in accounting and finance are characterized by very reasonable salaries. Accounting clerks, bookkeepers, and payroll clerks earn an average salary of around $38,000 per year. In the mid-range, corporate accountants, auditors, and different types of analysts earn between $55,000 and $70,000 on average. Numerous occupations in this field have average salaries higher than $100,000 per year.